Richmond Innovates

Richmond, Indiana

The Richmond Certified Tech Park is dedicated to the development and growth of high tech and knowledge based business in Richmond and Wayne County, Indiana. We strive to create an environment that is tech friendly by creating opportunities now currently available in our area.

Certified Tech Park

The Richmond Certified Technology Park is committed to positioning our community for high tech growth and job creation through the following focus areas: Advanced Manufacturing, Nanotechnology, Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship & Economic Gardening and Life Sciences.
Certified Tech Parks are similar to, but more powerful than, Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) districts. In addition to capturing incremental tax revenue like a TIF district does, Certified Tech Parks also have the ability to capture incremental sales and income taxes for specified uses within the park. The income taxes include both the state adjusted gross income tax and local COIT tax. Local units of government may collect up to $5 million for use within the Certified Tech Park.

Innovation Center

Are you considering starting a new technology based business? Let the Innovation Center help you navigate through the small business world with much greater success. The Innovation Center is a place where an entrepreneur has the opportunity not only to develop and commercialize their innovations, but the needed support and services required to guide them through the start up years in a compelling, magnetic environment with a high level of camaraderie and synergy. Through a comprehensive program of incubation, education, access to capital, networking and mentoring, the Innovation Center provides basic business assistance to start up businesses as well as shared office services, T1 line, access to equipment, flexible leasing and room to grow!


  • Our time at the Innovation Center allowed us to focus on our business and took away some of the hassles of running a small business.  After operating in that space for a few years we were able to invest in the revitalization of a unique upper level office space on Main Street.
    Eric Eastman,
  • Probably the best part about the Innovation Center, besides the atmosphere and layout, has to be the energy the IC holds. Think about all the ideas that come out of that place? I love getting to meet startup business owners who are so enthused about Richmond and Wayne County. And the staff is one of the most collaborative we have in the city. They are willing to work with anyone, anytime.  So when your idea is ready, so is the IC.
    Phil Quinn, Harrington-Hoch Agent
  • Our professional networking group, Richmond Social, enjoys using the Innovation Center for our meets.  The central location close to parking makes a perfect choice for events.  The location offers wifi and all the a/v equipment one could need.  We have speakers visit from all over the state and they are always impressed with the Innovation Center.
    Bobbie Garner, Bella Marketing
  • The Innovation Center has been instrumental in my business. They have provided me with great referrals (that I might not have otherwise met) that have turned into repeat clients. I am grateful for their ability and willingness to support and promote local business.
    Craig Jones, Property Serv LLC
  • We do workshops and seminars all over the country, but the Innovation Center is our favorite place. The facilities are wonderful and the staff is very accommodating. We recommend this facility to anyone in need of a place for a group to work.
    Mary Jo CLark, Contemporary Consulting
  • The three words I would use to describe what goes on at the Innovation Center are "Collaboration," Networking," and "Opportunity."  Most everyone involved in different programs and groups that meet at the IC are always proactive about meeting new people, sending referrals, and opening invitations to other businesses from all backgrounds to lend a helping hand.  I have yet to walk away from a function at the Innovation Center without another connection, idea, or possible project collaboration.
    John Aikin, Web Canopy Studio