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Promoting technology.

We promote technology through education and our collaboration with various groups throughout the Wayne County area.


The Innovation Center is the hub of Richmond’s Certified Tech Park by providing tech education programs. We also take our educational activities to schools and groups.

The Greenhouse Coding Academy:

In partnership with AT&T, The Innovation Center teaches computer coding to kids! The Greenhouse Coding Academy has graduated two ninth-grade cohorts and is looking forward to providing a broader K-12 curriculum very soon.

1150 Academy Mentorship:

The Innovation Center is partnering with the talented advisors of 1150 Academy, a professional organization that focuses on closing the technology skills gap across the nation. Once 1150 Academy has trained local educators and volunteers, The Innovation Center and the community school systems, and will be poised to offer a K-12 coding curriculum to our children.


Coming together to share resources while working toward a common goal is absolutely essential to making our technology community stronger. This synergistic approach helps strengthen and grow our network.   We believe in promoting the advanced use of technology at all ages and skill levels, but especially with our children.

Girls, Inc.:

The Innovation Center collaborates with Girls, Inc. to close the skills gap for girls in technology. We provide the hardware and facilities for teaching young girls how to code.

STEAM Lunch:

Every Wednesday at noon, a group of like-minded people comes together at The Innovation Center to talk, share experiences, and learn more about how we integrate science, technology, engineering, arts, and maths into our lives.

Higher Education Institutes:

The Innovation Center has a strong partnership with all five higher education institutions in our community: Bethany Theological Seminary, Earlham College, Indiana University East, Ivy Tech Community College, and Purdue Polytechnic Institute. We host seminars, workshops, and discussions featuring each organization and we strive to find ways to integrate the students and faculty into our community-focused efforts.

Coder Dojo:

What Is Coder Dojo? A worldwide movement of free, volunteer-led, community-based programming clubs for young people. Anyone aged 7 to 17 can visit a Dojo. Participants can explore technology in an informal, creative, and social environment

Third Grade Academy:

The Innovation Center proudly partners with Third Grade Academy. We provide a place for young people to improve their skills at such a critical time in their development. Students have the opportunity to focus their efforts on reading and comprehension, while applying them practically through exercises like programming robotic toys and devices.

Richmond Tech Meetups:

On the third Wednesday of every month, The Innovation Center hosts a technology-based workshop, usually featuring an explanation of a programming language, application, or software that is of interest to developers. At times, we provide a demonstration of technology with a more broad appeal, like virtual and augmented reality devices that are fun for all ages.

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STEM Scouts:

The Innovation Center hosts this co-ed program created by the Boy Scouts of America. We will provide a laboratory space for the children to study, dream, explore, and create amazing things with their own hands, using the latest technology.

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